Enter the Fray | A defensive VR-Shooter

Enter the Fray was the first game I developed at the JMU Würzburg. I worked on it with my fellow student Maria Dobler. While she focused on environment design, I worked on the game logic.

Enter the Fray is a game for the Oculus Quest. You must navigate levels at night, while reflecting the enemies bullets back at them using your holographic shields. A line showing the future path of a bullet helps with aiming.

Enter the Fray was built in the Unity Engine for Meta’s Oculus Quest. As such optimisation of level environments and computing rendering data ahead of time was a major consideration.

At first we considered giving the player a reflective shield and a gun, but due to feedback we tested a variant with two shields instead, which testers liked more. The enemie’s health bars are placed above their heads, while the player’s health is displayed on their shields. Due to time constraints only the first level is fully fleshed out. While the later levels only contain simple shapes, special care was taken, to ensure a coherent art style in them. This along with the atmosphere delivers great immersion.

A short tutorial introducing the fighting and moving mechanics was enough for testers to be able to enjoy the game.


In Development Footage